Peyton List Teases What Fans Can Expect from Tory in 'Cobra Kai' Season 6

*Warning: Season 5 spoilers ahead*

We don't know about you, but we haven't stopped thinking about that season five finale of Cobra Kai. A lot has happened, from Cobra Kai's leader being disgraced to that wild John Kreese twist. So now, it seems like fans are in for quite the ride in season six (AKA the show's final season). But here's what we really want to know: Where does this leave Tory?

PureWow sat down with actress Peyton List, who plays Tory in the series. Aside from discussing her partnership with EVO, the 24-year-old star also chatted about Tory's growth in season five and even teased that the final season will be different.

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When asked about Tory's story arc in season five, she said, "[Tory] had some closure from the Silver situation and everything is sort of out in the open, so she doesn't have to carry all of these different weights, on top of taking care of her mom and her brother and everything else. That was just the most stressful season for Tori. I think she just had to grow up really fast, very quickly."

As for where she'll be in season six, List didn't spill any specific details. However, it does sound like Tory and Sam's relationship will be in a different place, now that the duo have teamed up to expose Silver and take down Cobra Kai. She told us, "I have no idea where it's going for the next season, but it's definitely gonna be different. I mean, Sam and Tory haven't been in a room and not fought in so long, especially fighting together so I'm really curious [to see] where they're gonna take the storyline."

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List also opened up about how she relates to her confident character. "We're similar in the sense that we're pretty closed off. We're not very trusting. I feel like we both have been burned by people, but I also try to be a lot more loving initially, and my first instinct is not to fight. Maybe when I was younger, I jumped to fighting quicker, but now I've kind of worked on that."

She continued, "We have our similarities, but we're also so different, but I wish I could just choose to fight someone that's upsetting me at the moment. I think that sounds so fun."

Regarding her partnership with EVO—an implantable lens designed to fix distance vision problems—the star revealed that the procedure changed her entire life. She said, "I didn't realize how lucky it is to have 20/20 vision."

We're definitely looking forward to seeing how Tory's story unfolds in the final season.

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