Peter Weber Wants to Move Out of His Parents’ House​ & We Don’t Blame Him

Peter Weber just confirmed that he still lives with his parents after starring on season 24 of The Bachelor, but that’s all about to change. (Sorry, Barb.)

Yesterday, the 28-year-old pilot hosted a Q&A on his personal Instagram account, where he discussed everything from his social distancing habits to his current relationship status.

At one point, a fan wrote, “Any plans to not live at home?” (In case you didn’t know, Weber has lived with his parents in Westlake, California, for quite some time.)

In response to the question, Weber staged a dramatic scene featuring himself walking out the door, while his parents yell things like “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” and “we’re empty nesters.”

peter weber instagram story

On a more serious note, the Bachelor alum wrote, “But real talk yes, either NYC for about a year or L.A.”

“NYC for about a year or L.A.?” The news might shock some fans—not only are they polar opposites, but also his parents already live in Los Angeles, which means he does, too. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if Weber is hoping to move deeper into the city or closer to the beach…perhaps anything to get some distance from his mom, Barb.

Speaking of, we’d love to hear what Barb has to say about her son’s plans to relocate.


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