Brand-New Video Shows Peter Weber & ‘Bachelor’ Producer Julie LaPlaca Drinking at a Winery...with His Mom

Yesterday, Chris Harrison stirred the pot of Bachelor drama by posting a photo on Instagram of himself, Peter Weber and that producer that everyone has been theorizing about. And today, a video has surfaced of Weber and that same producer at a winery.

Here’s the deal: A popular Reddit theory purports that the 28-year-old pilot doesn’t end up with one of his many female suitors. Instead, it argues that Weber ultimately professes his love for Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. 

Each Bachelor/Bachelorette and contestant is assigned a personal producer upon arriving on set who supports the contestant or Bachelor/Bachelorette and also makes sure they’re creating opportunities for really good TV. Well, rumors started swirling when photos of LaPlaca and the Weber family celebrating a New Year’s Eve lunch surfaced and again when LaPlaca shared a photo of herself in Times Square on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve where Weber is seen in the background. 

If that wasn’t suspicious enough, Harrison’s post, of course, added even more fuel to the fire and, now, the pilot and the producer have been spotted at a winery together, along with Peter's mom. 

The short clip, which was captured by Page Six, shows the trio casually sitting at a picnic table sipping on some wine and dancing in their seats. There’s not much sound in the video, so we’re not sure what song was playing (if any).

Listen, we know how this show works, so we’re definitely not investing too much in this theory. But we gotta give credit to the producers for keeping their audience on their toes.