Nick Jonas Was the Spitting Image of Littlefinger at the Met Gala 2019, and Sophie Turner Had Something to Say About It

The stars flooded the Met Gala red carpet last night. Some, like Lady Gaga, wore four different camp-y costumes in the span of 15 minutes, while others channeled Cher. Still others were Disney character look-alikes (and, no, not just Zendaya in full-on light-up Cinderella gear...though, that, too). 

One who decided to trend more Westeros than camp: Nick Jonas, who, in a white tux, pencil-thin mustache, rings, earrings and over-the-shoulder shawl, was the spitting image of Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, from Game of Thrones.

priyanka chopra and nick jonas at the 2019 met gala
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The "Sucker" singer, who walked the red carpet for the first time as husband and wife-of-five-months with Priyanka Chopra, noticed the similarities himself, and posted an Instagram of the #twinning moment.

Sister-in-law Sophie Turner (who is fresh off her Vegas shotgun-style wedding to Nick's brother, Joe Jonas) was not pleased with the character callout.

Embodying her on-screen alter ego of Sansa Stark, Turner commented on the Instagram (also, SPOILER ALERT): "Quit trying to manipulate me....... ugh I thought you died last season." Her comment has garnered nearly 75,000 likes at the time of this story's publishing.

joe jonas and sophie turner at the 2019 met gala
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Wait, did she actually just spoil something on the show? (We sorta thought Littlefinger might still be alive, TBH.)

Fans were also quick to notice the Thrones similarities of Nick's Met Gala lewk.

So, where's Maisie Williams Arya Stark when you need her? (JK, Nick's neck!)


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