Netflix’s ‘Nailed It!’ Is Returning for Another Season of Baking Fails. Here’s When to Watch

Look, we can’t all be Mary Berry–level bakers or Ina Gartens in the kitchen. If your culinary undertakings are more like Pinterest fails than impeccably roasted chickens (it’s OK, this is a safe space), then you’ll find solace in this: Netflix’s Nailed It! is coming back for season 3.

Hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and pastry chef/chocolatier Jacques Torres, each episode of the show pits three amateur baking contestants against each other as they whip up some truly hideous desserts (they’re meant to be beautifully ornate, of course) and compete for various epicurean prizes (for example, a KitchenAid stand mixer), as well as the chance at a $10,000 grand prize. If you’ve never seen the show, you should know it’s more Great British Bake-Off than Hell’s Kitchen (thankfully).

The third installment returns on May 17 with six new episodes, and each will revolve around a different baking theme. Think: Marvel superheroes, historic artists, haute couture, bugs, France and dinosaurs. This season, there will also be a rotating cast of guest celebrity judges (like actress Felicia Day).

The show—which is produced by the same team behind Top Chef—is also getting regional-inspired spin-offs in Germany, France and Spain, according to Eater. A Spanish-language version also premiered in Mexico earlier this year. So you could say it’s a hit.


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