Netflix Announces ‘A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby’ Is Coming This Holiday Season

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged, Netflix released A Christmas Prince, a Hallmark-esque movie about a blogger/journalist who infiltrates the Aldovian royal family and falls in love with the crown prince. (FYI: Markle was a blogger once upon a time.) When Harry and Markle got married, the ’Flix released A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Now, as the royal couple awaits the arrival of Baby Sussex, the streaming platform just announced the latest installment in the Christmas Prince franchise.

That’s right, people, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is happening. Netflix announced the news via Twitter bright and early today with a sonogram of a baby wearing a crown in utero, natch.

“Some personal news,” Netflix cheekily captioned the sonogram of the little prince or princess.

Those with decent eyesight and attention to detail will notice Baby Aldovia is in his or her third trimester in the photo and weighs seven pounds and two ounces. The post also says the little dude(tte) will make an arrival come the holiday season, so the timing doesn’t totally line up, but who says that matters in fairy tales?

So what can we expect from A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby? We’re guessing lots of pomp and circumstance and probably some fuss about finding a name that pays homage to both the royal family and Amber’s (Rose McIver) pre-royal life.

This is gonna be good (and by good we mean so bad it’s good). Regardless, please keep the Christmas Prince movies coming, Netflix.


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