Lana Condor & Cole Sprouse Are Star-Crossed Lovers in New Sci-fi Romance ‘Moonshot’

Not only does this rom-com star To All the Boys alum Lana Condor and Riverdale star Cole Sprouse, but it’s also set in a place we rarely see the romance/young adult genre venture into: space.

On Thursday, Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for the new sci-fi romance film, Moonshot. The trailer starts with our main character, Sophie (Condor), crying in a coffee shop, where Walt (Sprouse) works as a barista. He proceeds to inquire about her long-time boyfriend Calvin (Mason Gooding), who lives on Mars. Sophie responds, “Long-distance dating sucks.”

After an unexpected breakup, Sophie enrolls in the Mars space program to rekindle her relationship with Calvin. To fulfill his lifelong dream of going to Mars, Walt secretly follows her and boards the space shuttle. For the next 35 days, they must keep his presence a secret. During that time, the pair form a connection that’s truly out of this world.

Directed by Christopher Winterbauer, Moonshot also stars Emily Rudd (Fear Street), Zach Braff (Scrubs), Lukas Gage (The White Lotus), and Michelle Buteau (The Circle). 

In an exclusive interview with People, Condor revealed she was eager to do the film after the script came across her desk. “I had never really seen a script, at least in my inbox, that was a space adventure situation,” she told the outlet.

“From what I know, usually space is reserved for the Matt Damons and the Matthew McConaugheys of the world,” she added. “It's not typically available to the young adult genre. So, I was super excited off the bat because it was just a unique project that I don't really see often.”

Mark your calendars because Moonshot will stream exclusively on HBO Max on March 31.

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