Mindy Kaling Shares Very Rare Photos of Daughter Kit at Disneyland–and She’s So Grown Up

They grow up so fast

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Mindy Kaling has mostly kept her kid's lives private, but once in a while, she'll share a rare gem that gets everyone gushing. On Dec. 16, the actress decided to give us a small glimpse of what her life is like as a doting mother of two. The Office star took to Instagram to give a heartfelt birthday shout-out to her daughter, Katherine, or “Kit,” paired with a slideshow of Kaling and her family at Disneyland. Per TMZ, Kaling's close friend, The Office co-star and godfather of her children, B.J. Novak was also in attendance during Kit's birthday festivities.

Her caption reads, “How are you 6 years old, Kit?! I remember when you were a newborn and I took you home from Cedars and you looked at me like “does this lady even know what she’s doing?” And I didn’t! But now you’re 6 and every single day you bring me so much joy.”

At the end of the slideshow showing photos from their day at Disney, Kaling also included an audio recording of Kit singing Alicia Keys' “Girl On Fire.”

Kaling continues, “Like most recently now you love shout-singing @aliciakeys 'THIS. GIRL. IS. ON. FIYYYAAHHH!!' You are on fire. I love you. Here we were at Disney yesterday.” See the post down below.

Kaling gave birth to her daughter in 2017, and to her son, Spencer, in 2020. The star has been mostly hush-hush on the details of their lives so far, but she has been pretty transparent about what she imagines for her future relationship with her children.

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While making an appearance on the iHeartPodcast Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi, Kaling speaks on her familial structure and what she hopes it will look like in the future.

She explains, "Because for me, I was like I don't want to be on my death bed, hopefully in my comfortable hospital room or even better, in my own home, and not have anybody around my bed. I want there to be kids and I want there to be grandkids. And that to me was way more important than these other sort of shallow things of like, 'I want my six-bedroom house in the Palisades and my kids going to school with my husband who's a surgeon.'"

Despite not seeing their day-to-day, we can tell that Kaling has been killing it in the motherhood department. During the summer, in another sweet Instagram photo of her two children, the Never Have I Ever creator reflected on life and parenthood for her 44th birthday.

She wrote, "Look I know I’m clearly materialistic but the best birthday gift to me, for the rest of my life, are these two guys. I was never a 'kid' person. When my mom passed though, it just clicked in me: I wanted kids with such intense certainty."

Hopefully, we'll continue to see more special moments like these from Kaling in the future. 

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