Mindy Kaling Just Totally Fangirled Over Meeting *This* Reality Star

Just because celebrities are famous doesn’t mean that they don’t fangirl over other celebrities. In fact, Mindy Kaling just had a run-in with one of her favorite reality television stars and explained the encounter to her followers on Instagram.

On Sunday, the 42-year-old actress shared a photo on her personal social media account of herself and Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn. In the photo, the duo are standing together—both looking chic—in a residential neighborhood.

“I SCREAMED when I was walking out of my dad and stepmom’s house and randomly saw @thechristinequinn on a break from shooting Selling Sunset on the sidewalk,” Kaling captioned the post on IG before revealing her love for the real-estate show. “It’s my favorite show on TV and not in like a ‘guilty pleasure’ way; that show is SO GOOD. Christine is a fabulous real estate agent and new mom who sells $30 million dollar mansions in 7 inch Louboutins. Plus she keeps things spicy which is always nice! I love the whole cast and this made my year. Queen!” What are the chances we can get a Mindy cameo in season four of Selling Sunset?

And it seems like the feeling is mutual because Quinn shared Kaling’s post on her personal IG Story alongside the caption, “Life has been made.” She followed up the report with a candid image of herself and the Office star chatting on the sidewalk. “Best day of my life,” she wrote.

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We’re crossing our fingers for a Selling Sunset/Never Have I Ever crossover in the future.

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