Michelle Obama Reveals Text Messages from Her Mom—and They Are Savage

ICYMI on Sunday night, Michelle Obama helped make Grammys host Alicia Keys queen of the night when she dropped by the awards show unannounced to tell everyone in the audience (and those tuned in from their couch) about the unmatched influence music has had on her life. 

As part of her appearance, Michelle also happened to share the stage with some pretty cool celebs—Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga all included—an experience that was not lost on the former first lady's own mom.

Shortly after the ceremony, Michelle got a text from her mother asking her daughter if she had the chance to "meet any of the real stars" before dashing off.

Michelle posted a slideshow to Instagram to share their hilarious back and forth, which ended with her gently reminding her mom: "I am a real the way."

Her mom's unimpressed reply? "Yeah."

Maybe her parenting goal is to keep her daughter humble? Or maybe Michelle's mom recently saw A Star Is Born and truly is that Gaga-obsessed? Either way, former first ladies' moms: They're just like our moms.