Will Meghan Markle Return to ‘Suits’? The Series Creator Finally Addressed the Rumors

Acid wash jeans, shag carpet, tanning beds and Meghan Markle’s role on Suits: Some things are better left in the past. At least that’s what the USA series’ creator Aaron Korsh thinks.

Although he didn’t share his opinions on flooring, denim or fake-baking, Korsh let it be known during an interview with Deadline there’s no basis to rumors that the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex is considering a surprise return for the show’s ninth and final season.

Korsh kept it classy when dispelling rumors and said, “As of this minute I don't know which of our old original cast will be back and which won’t because we’re so early in the season. I can tell you that those things in the papers, I have no idea what they’re talking about.” Subtle. Love it.

The Suits creator went on to explain that he’s made no efforts to coax Markle, who played paralegal Rachel Zane for seven seasons, into coming back.

“I have not arranged for millions of dollars to be donated to anything on behalf of anyone so that I can tell you, but as far as the original people coming back including Jessica (played by Gina Torres, who will star in the Suits spin-off Pearson) we’re so early in the season that we haven't formulated what we want to do, so we can’t reach out to people before we know what we want to do,” he said.

When Markle made her departure from the popular series in the season seven finale, her character Rachel married her longtime love, Mike (Patrick J. Adams), and they went off to start a new life for themselves in Seattle.

It seems that’s where Rachel Zane’s story ends…at least for now.

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