Who Are Meghan Markle’s Siblings, Thomas Markle Jr. and Samantha Grant?

Prince William has Prince Harry. Archie Harrison has Lilibet Diana. Prince George has Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Most members of the royal family (or ex-members in some cases) have siblings. This includes Meghan Markle.

Yup—we didn’t know this either, but the Duchess of Sussex has, not one, but two siblings: a half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., and a half-sister, Samantha Grant. Turns out, the siblings are from her father’s (Thomas Markle Sr.) previous marriage to Roslyn Markle.

Keep reading for everything we know about Meghan Markle’s siblings.

thomas markle
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1. Who Is Thomas Markle Jr.?

Thomas Markle Jr., is the Duchess of Sussex’s only half-brother and is 14 years her senior. According to The Sun, he currently works as a window fitter in Oregon and has two sons—Thomas III and Tyler—with his ex-wife, Tracy Dooley.

While he may not be his close to his little sister these days, the duo had a good relationship growing up. In fact, he even spent some time living with Meghan, his father and his stepmother, Doria Ragland, when the duchess was a baby.

Following her engagement to Prince Harry, the 55-year-old praised his sister. “She was always the family's princess but now she's going to be a real princess and I couldn't be more proud," he told the Daily Mail. He also publicly congratulated the couple after the birth of baby Archie.

2. Who Is Samantha Grant?

Samantha Grant, who sometimes goes by the the name Samantha Markle, is the 56-year-old half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex.

Grant has multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, and uses a wheelchair. She currently lives in Florida and has three children, Noelle Rasmussen, Ashleigh Hale and Christopher Hale. Grant was previously married to Noelle’s father, Scott Rasmussen, before divorcing in 2003.

Unfortunately, despite sharing the same father, the sisters have not spoken since 2008 due to rifts in the family. Grant even wrote a memoir, called The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister: A Memoir, Part One.

“Hopefully we can have a heart to heart,” the author told Us Weekly in November 2017. “I want her to know I’m wishing her well and there for her. At the end of the day, I want her to know that the love is there.”