Rumor Has It Meghan Markle's Launching a Rosé—Here's What We Know

We wouldn't mind a glass of wine with the duchess

Meghan Markle
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Talk about being a jill of all trades—it looks like Meghan Markle could potentially be working on launching a bottle of rosé under her lifestyle label American Riviera Orchard.

The crisp beverage would be a pivot from the initially teased strawberry jam, raspberry jam and dog biscuits, but, according to Tatler, rosé wine is emerging as a potential star product for her brand.

Why rosé? For Meghan, it’s more than just a trendy drink. She’s previously revealed that rosé is her drink of choice and even enjoyed it on her first date with Prince Harry at Soho House back in 2016.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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The Tatler adds that “Meghan is also reported to enjoy a frosé, which is made by freezing wine and blending it into a slushie with strawberries and icing sugar for added sweetness.” 

If you needed even more proof that wine is right up Markle’s alley, remember that she once enchanted the internet with her lifestyle blog, The Tig. The blog's name, Tignanello, is a nod to Markle's favorite wine. Sadly, just as the world buzzed with news of her engagement to Prince Harry, Markle made the bittersweet decision to pause The Tig in April 2017.

But get this—rosé isn’t the only thing the Suits alum might be planning, apparently. The Daily Mail reports that there will be other offerings to “complement the reported wine launch.”

Meghan Markle 2
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“It’s expected that other products in the initial tranche of releases will be drinking and serving ware, bar essentials and other products, related to hosting and entertaining,” the outlet shared. “We can expect items in classic, but expensive, style.”

And the train doesn’t stop there when it comes to her ARO brand. Daily Mail adds that down the line “we should be able to buy American Riviera Orchard bedding pillows, soaps, home decor, fragrances, cookbooks and cookie mixes.”

“Eventually, if demand is sufficient, it seems there will be some kind of a physical shop, as her trademark application also appears to extend to a space where items could be sold.”

Whether rosé, jam or biscuits, we are so ready for Markle's brand.

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