Meghan Markle's New Hairstyle Is Giving Us Serious ‘Suits' Wedding Vibes

new hairstyle mm national theatre
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Sleek bun? Bouncy blowout? Messy updo? Thick loose waves? 

Nope, nope, nope and nope. Today, Meghan Markle stepped out to visit one of her new royal patronages, the National Theatre, (her first of three royal engagements this week) and rocked a new hairstyle we haven't ever seen on the duchess. Well, except when she was on the small screen.

new hairstyle mm national theatre wave
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Markle’s deep-side-part bun was worn in the back-middle of her head (a departure from the duchess’s signature messy low bun). Her long layers were parted down the side and pinned back behind her ear, and we couldn’t help but think of Markle as Rachel Zane on her wedding day in USA’s Suits.

meghan markle wedding suits

Although that wedding (her first Suits one) didn’t go…great (Spoiler alert: Mike called it off), we think the resurrection of this timeless updo works well for the expecting duchess’s visit to the National Theatre.

It balances a little formality with a bit of fun and could be called a nod to her acting days (if you think these sartorial choices are predetermined, which, with a team of palace staff and stylists at her beck and call, they most certainly are).

Or it’s just a nice change from her usual tendril-y buns and middle-part blowouts…Either way, we’re excited to see what other new hairstyles Duchess Megs will wear this week. (Fingers crossed for a high pony, you guys.)


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