Meghan Markle & Mindy Kaling Recall Their High School Experiences on New Podcast Episode

Meghan Markle and Mindy Kaling are taking a trip down memory lane in the latest episode of Markle’s podcast series, Archetypes.

The Duchess of Sussex just released a new episode of her podcast, where she sat down with The Office alum, Kaling, and they both looked back on their formative high school years in a very candid way.

During the discussion, Markle revealed that she felt like the “ugly ducking” in school and that she was always the “smart one” among her classmates. (FYI, the duchess attended an all-girls Catholic school called Immaculate Heart from middle school to high school.)

“Look, maybe not conventional beauty as it…now, maybe that would be seen as beautiful but massive frizzy curly hair and a huge gap in my teeth,” Meghan said in the episode. “I was the smart one. Forever and ever and ever and ever. And, and then just sort of grew up.”

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Markle also revealed that she was “a little bit of a loner” in school, so she kept herself busy by getting involved in different clubs. “But I never had anyone to sit with at lunch. I, I was always a little bit of a loner and really shy and didn't know where I fit in,” she added. 

“And, and so I just became, I was like, okay, well then I’ll become the president of the Multicultural Club and the president of [the] sophomore class and the president of this and French club,” Markle continued. “And, and by doing that, I had meetings at lunchtime. So I didn’t have to worry about who I would sit with or what I would do because I was always so busy.”

During the episode, Kaling shared that she went through high school (and even college) being a “spectator” on the sidelines. 

“So I went through high school. No boyfriends. Heard about my friends kissing, falling in love, losing their virginity. College. Same. Nothing. Always a spectator. Watching things,” the Never Have I Ever creator revealed. “By the way, I learned a lot from that. I learned how to, you know, so many of my shows right now are about young women and longing and feeling horny and feeling rejected. And I’ve learned a lot from that.”

We love seeing a side of Meghan and Mindy we haven’t seen before.

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