Meghan Markle Channels Princess Diana in Never-Before-Seen Footage from Her 2017 India Trip

Remember the trip that Meghan Markle took to India in 2017, just a few months after she started dating Prince Harry? Well, we finally have video footage, and it confirms the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex was practically made for royalty.

Here’s what you need to know: The excursion occurred back in early 2017 while Markle was starring on Suits and took her to Delhi and Mumbai. The actress had teamed up with humanitarian aid foundation World Vision, who recently shared a never-before-seen video of the duchess’s trip.

The clip opens on Markle receiving a traditional bindi on her forehead, followed by her explanation of the charity work she completed during her visit.

“What we found is that the enrollment at this school went up three times as much once the latrines were built, so that girls had access to clean hygiene and bathroom facilities while they’re at school,” she says in the clip.

The footage goes on to show more from Markle’s visit, featuring the royal chatting with locals, wearing an Indian sari and performing a traditional dance. Markle also educates the children on gender equality and raises awareness about the stigma surrounding menstruation.

After the trip, Markle opened up about her experience in a moving essay on

“During my time in the field, many girls shared that they feel embarrassed to go to school during their periods, ill equipped with rags instead of pads, unable to participate in sports, and without bathrooms available to care for themselves, they often opt to drop out of school entirely,” she wrote.

Motherly qualities? Check.


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