Meghan Markle Just Met Her Long-Lost Cousin, a Red Sox Baseball Star

Prince Harry may have a bunch of distant relatives that he hangs out with, like, all the time. But this weekend, Meghan Markle got the chance to hang with one of her far-off family members as well.

At Saturday's first-ever Major League Baseball game in London, the duchess got to meet her distant cousin Mookie Betts, who plays for the Boston Red Sox.

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Betts, who is an outfielder for the baseball team, found out that he was distantly related to Markle last May. Their ancestors are from the same part of Alabama, a genealogy test revealed. They also share a connection via a 1920 marriage between Betts’s great uncle and Markle’s great-great aunt, according to The Boston Globe.

The two met in the Red Sox clubhouse on Saturday, and the Duchess of Sussex (wearing a black Stella McCartney dress and black flats) even gave Betts a hug before the big game. (Also, can we all just observe this proud Harry moment? He's never looked happier than seeing his wife meet and hug her distant cousin.)

“I didn’t know she was coming. I knew [Prince Harry] was coming,” Betts said via The Globe. “I told her about the story and she laughed and gave me a hug. She didn’t know about it. They probably didn’t believe it.”

“It’s pretty cool it happened,” Betts said. “I didn’t think I’d ever meet her, but I did.”

In the first few seconds of the video above, you can see the moment Betts tells Markle they're related. That's when the duchess goes in for the hug.

"Anyone else want to claim that they're family?" Prince Harry jokes as he points to his wife.

Both the Yankees and Red Sox teams presented Harry and Meghan with gifts for their 2-month-old royal baby. The Yankees gave Archie a mini pinstripe jersey with his name on the back, while the Red Sox gave the royal couple a red onesie.

Archie may need that jersey when he inevitably takes up baseball as a sport. Hey, we guess it runs in his blood...


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