Got a Note For the Duchess? Here’s Where to Send Mail for Meghan Markle

meghan markle and prince harry best mailing address

Baby Sussex is set to arrive in just a few short weeks. But besides popping the Champagne and donating to your favorite baby-related charity in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's honor, wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually send them a note with your official congrats?

Good news: You can, and if you do it in a timely fashion, you might even get a response.

The best address for sending snail mail to Harry and Meghan's attention is this:

THR Duke & Duchess of Sussex
Clarence House
LondonSW1A 1BA
United Kingdom

What you say is entirely up to you: Just be sure to pick a clever card and include a lengthy note with positive (royal) wishes. (Hey, you could even include an early guess on the baby name.)

We already know that Meghan is a fan of putting pen to paper (remember her calligraphy skills?) so the odds are good that you'll get a reply—and maybe even a handwritten one at that.

Still, before you pop it in the mailbox, you'll want to be 1,000 percent certain of two things:

1. You put the correct amount of international postage on the card. (Depending on the size of the card, it can vary, so be sure to check with your local postman or look online.)

2. Do not—we repeat, do NOT—forget to include your return address. (Kind of a biggie if you want an official reply.)

Let the countdown begin.

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