‘Virgin River’ Star Martin Henderson Teases Something Major on IG: ‘Big Day’

Martin Henderson has been dropping some major hints for what fans can expect from Virgin River season five.

First, he offered a glimpse of the shooting process on day one. Then, he shared a rare behind-the-scenes pic with Annette O'Toole. And now, he's teasing something big with his co-star, Ben Hollingsworth.

If you've been keeping up with Virgin River, then you already know that their characters, Jack and Brady, have had a pretty rocky friendship. But by the looks of Henderson's recent behind-the-scenes Instagram post, there's hope for these two yet.

Henderson shared a pic of himself and Hollingsworth posing together in a sunlit forest and wrote, "What on earth would these two be up to? Big day shooting in the Canadian woods. #virginriver #jacksheridan #badboybrady."

As if to confirm everyone's suspicions, Hollingsworth commented, "The band is back together. #BrothersInArms." And of course, fans couldn't be more thrilled to see the two back together. One follower said, "Perhaps this means Jack and Brady have seen the light and stopped fighting. Brady needs Jack, you are brothers." 

Virgin River fans aren't the only ones who've been rooting for this pair to mend fences. While chatting with TV Line, Hollingsworth also spoke out about wanting to see Brady and Jack on good terms again. He said, “It would be great to see him have a reconciliation with Jack. I think it’s long overdue. I would also love to see him reintegrate himself into the community of Virgin River and to depart from living on the fringe of the town and being kind of an outsider, to see him show up more at the community events. We started to see that when he showed up at the wedding.”

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During an exclusive interview with PureWow, O'Toole confirmed that production for season five has been in full swing since July. At the time, she told us, "I’m actually leaving tomorrow to go to Canada to film season five. I don’t know what happens yet because I only have the first two scripts. But from what I’ve read, it’s going to be good."

We may not know the details just yet, but we've seen enough to know that this season won't disappoint.

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