Martha Stewart Plays ‘Never Have I Ever’ with a Massive Glass of Wine (Because Why Not?)

What do you get when you combine Martha Stewart, a friendly game of “Never Have I Ever” and a very generous serving of wine? Pure entertainment.

The cooking and lifestyle guru recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar to play the confessional drinking game, and while we’ve seen our fair share of celebrity “Never Have I Ever” competitions (ahem, Reese Witherspoon, ahem), this one takes the (perfectly frosted) cake.

Stewart pours herself a seriously impressive glass of rosé before revealing that even she isn’t above regifting a crappy bottle of wine. (Whatever Martha says goes.)

She goes on to address everything from her disappointing experience and her relationship with Snoop Dogg to calling celebrities by the wrong name and Googling herself and ex-boyfriends. Oh, and the fact that she actually eats frozen TV dinners is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you, Martha. We really needed this.


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