Mark Consuelos Debuts Military-Style Buzz Cut on Instagram

New hair, who dis?

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Guess who’s back? Mark Consuelos and his buzzed haircut, that’s who. 

A couple of days ago on Instagram, the Riverdale alum posted a series of photos he snapped during a recent trip to Switzerland. In case you missed it, Mark and his wife, Kelly Ripa, 53, traveled to Switzerland to visit their daughter, Lola Consuelos. The first slide of the post shows Mark sporting his new buzz cut while driving a boat. 

Meanwhile, fans are also treated to a cute photo of Mark and Ripa posing in front of a blue sky backdrop. The caption read, “Swiss life. Merci beaucoup Geneva!”

On Monday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the 53-year-old actor debuted his new hairdo. “Do not adjust your TV screens—yes, I got my haircut,” he jokingly said to the audience. “It’s like a chinchilla!”

And his wife couldn’t resist the urge to rub his head. While admiring her hubby’s new haircut, she said, "I’ve never rubbed an actual chinchilla but I suspect this is what it feels like.” Ripa continued, “We should give everyone in the audience an opportunity. Look at how I take it all for granted, don’t I? I take it all for granted!”

Though Mark shared that he usually cuts his hair “every couple of years” since he and Ripa have been married, the morning show host went on to explain why he decided to cut his hair this time around. “Yeah, I got a TV job,” Mark revealed.  “A role in a pilot, and they said, ‘Can you cut it short?’ And I said, ‘How short? Military?’ And they said, ‘Military.’”

Short hair looks good on you, Mark.

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