‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore Announces She’s Pregnant with Baby Number 2

It's official: Mandy Moore is expanding her family of three to a family of four!

Less that two weeks after the actress bid farewell to her hit series, This Is Us, she announced on her Instagram account that she's expecting her second child with husband Taylor Goldsmith. Moore posted a sweet pic of her 1-year-old son, August, wearing a "Big Brother" shirt and wrote, "One incredibly seminal chapter of my life just ended and the next one, as a mother of two, is about to start… and are we ever so deeply grateful and excited."

She continued, "Baby Boy Goldsmith #2 coming this fall! Tour is gonna be slightly different than I expected but I can’t wait and Gus is gonna be the BEST big brother!! Xo"

Moore's famous friends proceeded to freak out in the comments, including actor Dave Annable, who wrote, "GTFO!!! Amazing news!!! Congratulations!!!! Going for that ride with you girl." Her This Is Us costar, Chrissy Metz, also gushed over Gus's outfit and commented, "That shirt is just perfect on Gus!"

Meanwhile, Goldsmith also shared the exciting news on his IG page, along with the same photo. He captioned the post, "Gus is gonna be the best big brother. @mandymooremm is gonna be the best MomOf2. There's a good chance I'm the happiest, luckiest person you know (or just follow) and now we're gonna double it."

In an interview with Parents magazine, Moore got candid about the challenges of becoming a mom after August's birth in 2021. "Once that initial wave of new-parent euphoria sort of wore off, when the chaos of those early weeks started to wane, and the extra support we had in the beginning started tapering off, the reality of being mom was suddenly front and center," she said.

"It was scary. Like, 'Oh, wow. Now the onus is on me. Do I know what I'm doing?' And I watched my husband effortlessly step into it. Everything he did seemed easy. He could get Gus to go to sleep like that, to laugh like that, whereas I felt clumsy and awkward. I felt a lot of shame and a lot of guilt. But friends told me, 'Find some grace and patience for yourself, and know that all of this is new.' Suddenly, we glided into a new phase and Gus preferred me to my husband. And it's going to change again. It's a roller coaster."

Something tells us that Moore and her husband will be total pros when Gus's little sibling gets here.

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