Mandy Moore Shares Her Last Day of Makeup (for the Older Version of Rebecca) on ‘This Is Us’

We're not quite ready to say goodbye to This Is Us, but to help ease the process, many of our favorite stars from the show have been giving us special glimpses behind the scenes.

The latest is from Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson on the series. Due to the many time jumps in This Is Us, Moore has often played her character in her mid-60's, which requires a bit of time in the makeup chair (given that Moore herself is only 38 years old).

In her latest Instagram Story, Moore revealed that she was transforming into the older version of Rebecca for the final time. The actress posted a video of herself getting makeup, which she captioned, “Last day with this gal forever!!”

moore hero
Mandy Moore/Instagram

However, Moore wanted to clarify to her followers that this wasn't her final day of filming for This Is Us. So, she posted another Story, where she said, “To specify - last day with this version of Rebecca forever. Last day of wigs!!!”

moore hero2
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Following these clips, Moore said she was waiting to start filming, so in the meantime, she answered fan questions on her Story.

One fan asked what the 38-year-old was going to miss most about the series, to which she responded, “My friends. Our crew and cast. We're a family. 6 years of memories and life lived together.” When asked what it would feel like to stop playing Rebecca, Moore said, “I think I'll be processing it for some time...”

In one question, a fan asked if Moore would miss the makeup for her character's older self, to which she said, “I think I have sufficiently fulfilled that square. Checked that box! Grateful for what it allowed me to do but my skin is so happy for a break.”

Even though we will miss This Is Us, we think Mandy (and her skin) deserve a break.

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