I Swapped My Post-Workout Shower for Lululemon’s New Self-Care Beauty Line and Here’s What Happened

lululemon self care line

We've all been there. You get out of your morning yoga/barre/spin class drenched in sweat and the shower line is a mile long. You're 20 minutes out from being acceptably late to work and find yourself torn between embracing the smell (sorry, seat-mates) and calling in "sick" (sorry, boss).

But what if you never had to play the communal shower game again? That's where Lululemon just stepped in.

A first for the athletic apparel brand, Lululemon recently released a line of face and body products to take you from sweaty to ready in no time. The four-piece collection includes a "no-show dry shampoo", an "anti-stank deodorant" (in two scents, aloe lotus and black pepper sandalwood), a "sweat reset face moisturizer" and a "basic balm lip balm." Developed specifically with athletes in mind, each product is made with nothing but the good stuff: "all natural ingredients and technology-driven synthetics" while steering clear of common skin irritants like aluminum, parabens, sulfates and even gluten (who knew). After a particularly sweaty HIIT workout filled with far too many burpees, I got a chance to put them to the test. My two new favs? The face moisturizer and deodorant.

I've been on the hunt for an aluminum-free deodorant that smells great (read: not flowery) and can eliminate even my smelliest workout sweats. This guy did just that, plus the spray feature felt like a much-needed blast of cool air. My face tends to get very flushed and blotchy after exercising, but the gel moisturizer completely cleared up any unwanted redness. Also, sweating = dehydration, so adding moisture back into your skin post-workout is key to kicking off recovery.

What's even cooler? These products are all gender neutral, so you and your boo can pack up one gym bag and call it good.

The Lululemon self-care line is available in stores, online and on (hello, beauty insider points). Now, who's ready for some more burpees?

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