Lululemon Is Launching Sneakers to Go with Your Favorite Leggings

Run, don’t walk: The brand known for their yoga wear and workout leggings is launching a line of sneakers…soon.

Lululemon’s CEO Calvin Mcdonald announced Wednesday during the company’s analyst meeting that the brand would break into the footwear market sometime this year with their own line of running shoes. “We will be in footwear,” McDonald confirmed.

This isn’t the first time Lululemon has dipped a toe in the shoe game. The company partnered with APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) last year when they launched a collaboration of sneakers for both men and women. The shoes are still available in stores and online.

“We learned a lot through the collaboration,” McDonald said. “We believe we have identified an opportunity that will be unique to us in the marketplace.”

A spokesperson for the brand told us that their guests now look to the brand for shoes. Therefore, it was only natural the company, known for their skintight leggings, would encroach on the territory of Nike and Adidas in order to be a one-stop shop for all things athletic wear.

The sneakers pictured in the Instagram above are actually designed by Isabel Marant, but one of the replies from the company in the comments section was sneakily suspicious: “Where are the shoes from?” one follower asked. “Our designers have their lips sealed this time around,” the Lululemon account replied. Interesting…

The brand has also doubled down on menswear with their casual clothing line of slacks, shorts, button-downs and jackets, and recently debuted a self-care line of deodorant and dry shampoo.

So…world workout wear domination? You can bet your spandex-and-mesh-covered butt that Lululemon is on the right track.


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