Lizzo Just Tried Those ‘Booty-Lifting’ TikTok Leggings—& Gave Her Honest Review

ICYMI: Lizzo recently used her social media accounts to show off those SEASUM yoga pants that have been dominating TikTok.

The pop-star shared a series of glowing photos on her Instagram account, writing: "This is what I look like today icons only thanks @marko_monroe."

Lizzo was styled by her friend and stylist, Marko Monroe (whose Instagram bio reads "TEAM LIZZO"). The 32-year-old singer paired the booty-enhancing pants with a Tupac sweatshirt.

The ribbed SEASUM leggings (which have been deemed the 'TikTok leggings') can be found on Amazon, and they are one of many items that have gained traction from the video-sharing app. These yoga pants join the ranks of other trendy leggings, but these are specifically meant to accentuate your booty while you're working out. SEASUM writes that their leggings "are taking things to the next level by strategically placing seams, colors, and lifting materials in all the right areas."

Lizzo, who is no stranger to TikTok trends, bought a pair for herself and reviewed them on the app, writing: "I got theeeeee leggings... they make my booty stiff so somebody lyin."

If we ever need legging recommendations, we'll make sure and wait to see what Lizzo says first.

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