Forget the Trikini—Lizzo Just Rocked a Quintini (Yes, that’s a Matching Bikini, Face Mask and Gloves)

Do we let self-isolation get in the way of fashion? Absolutely not. In fact, if we follow the queen of positivity and self-love, Lizzo, we let it inspire us. On that note, ladies and gents, we present: the “quintini,” modeled and brought to the public eye by the “Juice” pop star herself.

The quintini follows in its foremothers'—the bikini and trikini—footsteps, except it takes things up one more ingenious notch by not only including the mask that puts the “tri” in trikini, but adding two gloves to the matching ensemble, pushing us into “quint” territory. Yep, this waterproof getup is made of five components: the bikini top, bottom, mask and two gloves. It's the nexus of maximalism and minimalism fashion that seems strangely apropos of the times.

And while COVID is changing a lot of the ways we do things these days, some of the more lighthearted outcomes are showing up in our thrifty lockdown solutions. The result has been a slew of new lingo to speciate out of quarantine like “maskne,” “quarantint,” “quarantan” and more. 

As for the quintini, we love that Lizzo is not only having fun with the parameters of social distancing, but being safe and leading by example. “Welcome to summer 2020,” Lizzo captioned her post. Things may look a little different this season, but channeling some Lizzo positivity remains on our to-do list.


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