Lizzo Was ‘Strong’ and ‘Very Sincere’ During VMAs Acceptance Speech, According to Body Language Expert

Lizzo brought down the house when she opened the 2022 MTV Music Awards with her smash hit, “About Damn Time.” 

Later in the night, she won the “Video for Good” award for the song. Even though she didn’t know the meaning behind the award category, the 34-year-old singer took a moment to thank her fans for voting, and to address the negative comments she has received lately. 

After viewing Lizzo’s acceptance speech, body language expert Darren Stanton shared some insightful details about her passionate showing.

Lizzo giving her acceptance speech at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.
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“Lizzo’s winning speech was a fantastic piece of footage that showed the artist speaking from the heart and coming over very sincere,” he told PureWow (on behalf of OnlineCasino). 

Stanton went on to applaud her stance onstage. “Her body language is strong, she faces the audience and doesn’t move around as she’s speaking,” he continued. “Her static body position conveys strength and she uses her hands to make a lot of open palm gestures, meaning she is speaking truthfully with credibility and believes in what she is saying.”

Lizzo Acceptance Speech VMAs CAT
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The body language expert also noted how Lizzo’s hand gestures were completely in sync, which made her winning speech that much more genuine. “We also see a number of hand gestures from Lizzo which are rhythmically in line with the points she is verbally making,” he said.

Lizzo Giving VMAs Speech CAT
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He added, “When the two are out of sync, then the message that person is trying to convey could be seen as deceptive or that they have no confidence in what they are saying. However, the synchronization we saw from Lizzo suggests that she was being completely genuine up on stage.”

Lizzo taking home an award at the VMAs.
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Never stop being the strong and passionate person that you are, Lizzo.

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