Lea Michele Confesses the Extreme Reaction She Might Have If Barbra Streisand Sees Her in ‘Funny Girl’

I just keep them in stitches / Doubled in half / And though I may be all wrong for the guy / I'm good for a laugh,” Barbra Streisand sings in the song “Funny Girl” from the musical of the same name. These days, Lea Michele has taken over the role of Fanny Brice in a new revival of the show, and she recently said she would have a much stronger reaction than being doubled in half if Streisand were to come watch her perform.

During a stop on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Michele confessed that she might “black out” if Streisand came to see the show. “The other night I saw a woman that I thought was her, and I felt like my mouth got dry and it was just like I started hearing ringing in my ears.”

At the thought of the Prince of Tides actress sitting in the audience, Michele had one more sentiment to add: “I'll die!” However, while the former Fanny might intimidate her, Michele actually received a letter from Streisand that she holds very dear.

Fallon noted that Streisand sent Michele a letter with a thumbs up when her Funny Girl run began, to which Michele agreed and said, “She did. She gave me the thumbs up...I cried. I filmed myself opening it.” The Glee alum then jokingly added, “It was, literally, it was like a gold envelope. It flew in on doves...It came in through my window of my dressing room.”

Lea Michele.
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Returning to a more serious note, Michele said that receiving the letter was “incredible,” and while many friends and family asked if she was going to frame it, the Scream Queens actress actually keeps it in her safe. “The only thing I have in my safe is a letter from Barbra Streisand and my son's—the hair, the first hair we cut from his haircut,” she said. “So, it's my son's hair and a letter from Barbra Streisand.”

Streisand played the role of Fanny in the original 1964 Broadway run of Funny Girl, and she took on the part again for the original West End run in ’66. Then, in ’68, she played the same role for a feature film, which ended up earning her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Let's hope if Barbra does come, Lea manages to stay on her feet.

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