Could There Be a ‘Glee’ Reunion on the Horizon? Matthew Morrison Weighs in

It’s been five years since the series finale of Glee, but the popular television show still holds a special place in the hearts of fans—and remains extremely significant to cast member Matthew Morrison.

PureWow recently sat down for a Skype interview with the American Horror Story actor (social distancing at its finest, people) to discuss everything from Glee to his latest album, Disney Dreamin’ with Matthew Morrison, a carefully curated collection of Disney classics inspired by (and in honor of) his 2-year-old son, Revel.

During the interview, Mr. Shue Morrison even opened up about a recent Instagram video he posted of himself shaving his head—and the reaction fans had to his new look. 

“I've done this a few times in my life and I feel like it’s a kind of baptism for lack of a better word,” he stated. “It's kind of like a fresh start for me. You can be so controlled by your hair in many ways. There are so many ties into Glee with my hair personally, so it was just funny reading all of the comments. A lot of people are reliving the Glee days right now cause they are getting into again.”

The 41-year-old Broadway star also revealed his thoughts on a possible reunion of the hit music show.  

“We get together every year,” Morrison said. “Once a year we have a little dinner or something and most of the people will come. I would love to do a big reunion concert where all of the proceeds would go to some big charity. But as far as the show getting back on the air, I don't know. We’ve had so many tragedies on the show, I don't think it would be the same. Glee hit at such a moment in time it was so perfect and I don't know if it’ll ever be recreated.” 

A Glee reunion concert? You bet we’ll be the first to buy tickets.