There’s a Wine Museum in France, and It’s Basically a Theme Park for Oenophiles

You can have your Disney theme parks, your Harry Potter worlds, your Six Flags…we’re going to the City of Wine.

A museum-slash-exhibition dedicated entirely to wine exists in France, and we can’t believe we haven’t visited it yet. It’s called La Cité du Vin, which translates to "the city of wine," and, fittingly, it's located in Bordeaux, France.

So, what does a “wine museum” entail, exactly? For starters, the space holds 20 wine-themed areas which feature immersive exhibitions that detail global wine production processes. So even though the museum is located in one of the world's most notable wine capitals, it covers more than just vino from Bordeaux. According to People, La Cité du Vin also has virtual helicopter and boat rides, which explore winemaking regions, as well as a wine-tasting space that offers panoramic views of the Bordeaux skyline.

Of course, it's not all exhibits and tours—the museum also has hands-on wine workshops and pairing lessons. According to the website, right now the lineup includes things like "Naturellement!," a class on biodynamic wines, as well as a history of Bordeaux wine styles. (But FYI, some of the workshops are held in French only. Better start brushing up.) There’s also a retail shop, because you can’t visit a wine museum without picking up a bottle for later.

Tickets to the museum's permanent exhibits will set you back about $25, which is a lot cheaper than Disney (just saying). We’re officially planning a vacation to Bordeaux. It's all in the name of culture, right?.

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