Kristen Bell Posts BTS Vid of ‘The Good Place’ Cast Dancing...and Janet Steals the Show

It was at the beginning of the summer when we found out the (forking) bad news that one of our favorite shows, The Good Place, was officially coming to an end. But that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to all of the great BTS content, at least not just yet. 

Thanks to Kristen Bell, we got a small look into the off-screen dance party that took place during filming of the hit NBC show. The 39-year-old actress posted the short clip to her Instagram on Wednesday. 

“I love these dancin dingbats,” Bell captioned the post. “@nbcthegoodplace starts Sept 26th!!! ‘I was a member of a 60-person dance crew in Jacksonville. We were called Dance Dance Resolution: We Resolve To Dance.’ #TheGoodPlace.”

The video—which was originally posted on the show’s official account—shows cast members, including D’Arcy Carden (Janet) and William Jackson Harper (Chidi Anagonye), showing off their moves. Without any music we might add. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the cast goofing around behind the scenes. May we remind you of the time Bell tried to teach Ted Danson how to “floss”? Keep these dancing vids coming. 

The fourth and final season of The Good Place returns to NBC on September 26.