Kristen Bell Teaches Ted Danson How to Floss (Think: Dance, Not Dental) in New Video

It’s official, Kristen Bell may be the queen of social media. The actress has once again blessed our Instagram feed with some, uh, pretty amusing content. 

In her most recent clip, The Good Place stars Ted Danson and William Jackson Harper can be seen trying to floss (in a parking garage?), and although we give them an A for effort, it’s clear that they (*cough cough* Ted) could use some work. 

Enter Kristen Bell, coffee in hand of course, to offer her co-stars some much needed guidance. With a few swings of the hips and some slow-motion hand movements, it looked like both Harper and Bell were able to get Danson on the right track…at least for a little while. 

Bravo team. If you need us we’ll be here trying to perfect our own moves.