Kristen Bell Turns Airport into Fancy Hotel with $600 of Blankets and Pillows After Flight Cancellation

If you’re like us, you probably expect celebrities to fly exclusively on private jets, avoiding all the problems—like flight delays, long lines and lost luggage—that the rest of us can’t. But it turns out that some stars do share the same travel grievances as us common folk. Case in point: married couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard making a pseudo bed on the floor of Boston’s Logan International Airport after their flight was canceled.

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“After 7 hours of delays the flight was kicked to the next day all together,” reads overlay text on Shepard’s Instagram video. “ZERO vacancies in the greater Boston area.” The video shows Bell arranging blankets and pillows on the ground for her family to lay on, presumably outside their flight’s gate.

“This is perfect,” Bell says, as she admires her handiwork. (Sarcasm? We vote yes.)

She then asks Shepard how much he’s spent on blankets and neck pillows, to which he responds “$350.” Bell adds that she spent $253 on bed sheets, to which Shepard responds “Oh my god, so we’re at $600. Could’ve been a really nice hotel, but they’re all taken.”

Humor is certainly important in a time like this, and the couple is well aware. Bell responds, “It’s $600 a night to stay at Boston International,” with a laugh. Shepard responds with another dry joke: “The punchline is even though I spent $350 on neck pillows and blankets, I decided to just buy one toothbrush for the whole family to share. I wanted to save $2.30, so we’re ahead a little bit. We’re ahead $7.50.”

Comments from charmed followers rolled in, one reading “I love that you guys are just normal f****** people,” and another that said “I’m just picturing walking through the Boston airport and seeing Dax and KB and family SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR omg.”

Celebrities, they’re just like us—minus the impromptu $600 purchase.

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