Kristen Bell Posts a 20-Minute Argument with Dax Shepard About Tweezers, Remote Controls and a Toiletry Safe

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have long been one of our favorite Hollywood couples. They're funny and cute together and, above all else, they're really real.

All three of those qualities were on display yesterday when Bell, 40, uploaded a 20-minute video saga—in four parts—of she and Shepard, 45, arguing about tweezers, hair brushes, towels and more. Check out all four parts of the funny fight below.

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'part 1: The Toiletry Safe'

For this first clip, Bell writes, "pls enjoy episode 1 of our reality show. In this episode, Dax takes measures to protect himself from the ferrets that live down the hall, and Kristen admits to accidentally throwing away a necessary part of his shaver." Spoiler alert: This "protective measure" is purchasing a toiletry safe (it's not actually for toiletries) to keep his wife and daughters from "stealing" his hairbrushes, tweezers, nail clippers and more.

'part 2: Two Towels For A Family Of Four'

Next, the two head into their bathroom so Shepard can find a new home for his toiletry safe. As Bell writes, "in episode 2, Dax and Kristen discuss how many towels a family needs, Dax laments his lack of drawer space, and accidentally shows the world his embarrassing ear wax removal kit."

'part 3: 60 Percent Of The Remotes Are Missing'

Back in the bedroom, Bell writes, "In part three, Dax piles on his list of grievances, Kristen remains slack Jawed at her husbands behavior. And Dax admits he never checked under the bed."

'part 4: Caught With A Q-tip (the Finale)'

Finally—though we really don't want this argument to end—Bell concludes, "Dax gets busted. Kristen attempts to check mate Dax on his Q-tip usage, knowing she has lost the argument about the safe. Dax offers to cut all Her hair off in 5 seconds."

Please make this a recurring series, you two.

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