The Hell with KonMari, Here’s the KonMarkle Method

Royal fascinators off to Meghan Markle: The Duchess of Sussex has had quite a year. Less than 12 months ago, she was getting hitched to Prince Harry and now she's due with Baby Sussex, arriving this spring. 

But the entire time she's been getting to know the ins and outs of her new in-laws (not to mention, getting up to speed on her recently assigned royal patronages), she's had loads of family drama to deal with simultaneously. 

For instance, remember how her dad, Thomas Markle, spilled to the tabloids about his daughter? And how Prince Charles had to step in and walk her down the aisle, like, two days before the wedding?

Still, Meghan—class act that she is—chose to rise above it all, don her Givenchy dress and simply ignore the toxicity threatening to permeate her big day.

In a nutshell, she employed the KonMarkle Method, a strategy that's all about removing (or ignoring) anyone around you who's not "sparking joy." 

Now, it's your turn: That woman in your mom group that always one-ups you about her child's accomplishments versus yours? The plan is to full-on dodge her at the next meet-up. Your nosy aunt who's always waxing on about your love life (or lack of it) and looking for an ETA on a non-existent wedding? The next time she calls, you're hitting ignore.

Emotional minimalism with a royal twist: very necessary when you marry into (or hobnob with) a complicated clan.

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