Marie Kondo’s Beauty Routine Is (Unsurprisingly) Streamlined

We love Marie Kondo's decluttering tips and philosophy of sparking joy in our lives and homes, but what would really help us right now (especially in the dead of winter) is some intel about how she gets her skin looking so smooth and glowing—on HD cameras, no less. And it seems we're not the only ones who were curious. Our friends at The Cut got the full rundown of her regimen. Here's what we learned.

1. She regularly gets lash extensions (same) and keeps the rest of her eye makeup minimal with Champagne and taupe shadows and a flick of liquid liner.

2. Her daily skin-care regimen consists of a cleansing oil, an emulsion (basically a very lightweight moisturizer) and a spritz of rose water.

3. She keeps her makeup light and bright: a primer, a sheer layer of foundation, a dab of cream blush and a swipe of pink lipstick.