King Charles Debuts First Christmas Card with Queen Consort Camilla Since Ascending the Throne

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla's Christmas card is finally here—and it looks like the royal couple made a very special selection for this year's edition.

His Majesty debuted the festive card on the royal family's official Instagram account and wrote, "We’re pleased to share this year’s Christmas Card from The King and The Queen Consort." He also credited royal photographer Sam Hussein and wrote that the pic was taken at the Braemar Games in September 2022—mere days before he ascended the throne.

At the time the royal couple joined Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence for a Scottish event, which occurred just five days before Charles became king. In the photo, we see a close-up of Camilla smiling sweetly at her husband, and the royal is donning a green jacket with a red lapel and a matching hat. Meanwhile, King Charles is wearing a tweed suit with a red, green and gold tie. The card reads, "Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year."

One follower wrote, "Lovely picture. The photo was taken five days before Charles became King, at the Braemar Games. Touching choice." Another fan said, "Just a lovely choice. King Charles and Queen Camilla are doing an awesome job and have been doing it for many years now. Very proud of them."

Although this royal family tradition has been going strong for several years, this marks King Charles's first holiday card release since he became king. And it's quite the change from last year's candid snap, which shows the former prince casually adjusting Bowles’s face mask.

The caption read, “As the countdown to Christmas begins, today we’re sharing this year’s official Christmas card from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.” But this isn't the only standout card they've released in the past.

In 2020, the royal couple opted for a colorful photo of themselves basking in the sun as they sat in a garden. The caption read, "Here is this year’s official Christmas card from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. The photo was taken in the garden at Birkhall, Scotland."

We can always count on these two to impress with their holiday cards.

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