King Charles Just Posed for a Stunning New Portrait—and He Looks Like a Totally Different Man

King Charles is taking on yet another important role that was previously held by his late father, Prince Philip.

This week, the royal family released a brand-new portrait of the monarch, as he officially takes on the role of Park Ranger of Windsor Great Park. In the photograph, His Majesty is standing next to a giant oak tree in an open field while the sun shines brightly. King Charles looks like a whole new man in the pic and is dressed in a camel-colored suit and holding a cane in his hand.

To celebrate the new role—and the fact that today is the monarch’s 74th birthday—the stunning portrait was shared on the official Instagram account dedicated to the royal family. According to the caption, the Park Ranger offers “oversight and guidance” to the Deputy Ranger and his teammates in one of the country’s oldest estates.

His late father, Prince Philip, was the longest-serving Ranger of Windsor Great Park. The Duke of Edinburgh held the role from 1952 until his passing in 2021. The title can be traced back all the way to when Sir Henry Neville was appointed as the first ranger in 1559, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Attention: Park Ranger Charles is reporting for deputy. 

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