We Think Kelsey Is (Probably) Heading to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

kelsey bachelor in paradise

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All featured Chris Harrison revisiting the most dramatic moments from Peter Weber’s season. While the eliminated contestants got some closure, we’re convinced that Kelsey’s interview in the hot seat doubled as an audition for Bachelor in Paradise.

Think about it: This is the first time that Harrison hasn’t called several women to join him in the hot seat. Instead, he called two: Victoria F. and Kelsey. Victoria F. had something to prove, since she was accused of being a low-key homewrecker. Kelsey, on the other hand, is a totally random pick.

So, why Kelsey? Other than #ChampagneGate, we think the producers genuinely like Kelsey as a person. This would explain why they’re not only giving her extra airtime, but also why they’re framing her as a prime BiP candidate.

Some could argue that Kelsey was already bound for Mexico, since the finalists are typically chosen for the spin-off show. Still, there’s a definitive pecking order when it comes to Bachelor in Paradise. For example, the people who show up later in the season don’t have nearly as good of a chance of coupling up, since most of the contestants have already established relationships.

So, we wouldn’t be surprised if ABC was low-key auditioning Kelsey to see where she’ll stand in the ranking. Besides, if we learned anything from Kelley Flanagan’s experience, it’s that an invite to the Women Tell All isn’t a given—it’s a privilege—so Kelsey’s added involvement has to mean something…right?

On the bright side, Kelsey totally nailed it.

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