Kelly Ripa Reveals Thanksgiving Mishap Involving ‘Coconut Cream Pie Dripping Off the Wall’

On yesterday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa candidly talked about how she and her family had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. However, there was one small food mishap that Ripa apparently tried to cover up—but things didn’t quite go as planned…

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In a new clip posted to the Live Instagram page, Ripa recounts the entire incident to her co-host, Ryan Seacrest. It all started the day after Thanksgiving when the Ripa-Consuelos household normally indulges in leftovers.

Ripa noticed that no one touched the coconut cream pie in the fridge and decided to throw it out. “It’s surprisingly dense,” she says in the clip. “And as I’m carrying it, the plate is collapsing underneath and I try to get it to the countertop and it flies out of my hands. It goes all over the walls, all over the cabinets.”

Luckily, one of her friends walked in and offered to clean up the evidence (and she also got a little assistance from the family dogs). “We cleaned it up, [so] there was no trace,” Ripa continues.

And just when she thought she was in the clear, her husband Mark Consuelos, came to her the following morning and shared that he ate some of the pie off the wall. “So, we missed the coconut cream pie dripping off the wall,” Ripa shares with a smile and Seacrest joins in on the laughter.

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos hugging.
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You get an A for effort, Kelly.

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