Kelly Ripa Says She ‘Hasn’t Showered a Normal Way in 15 Years’

Nope, she is not a fan of the 'rainmaker'

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During an episode of Live with Kelly and Mark that aired earlier this month, Mark Consuelos, 53, asked co-host and wife Kelly Ripa, 53, to share whether or not she faces away or toward the water when taking a shower. And according to the Live Wire author, there’s only one right answer to this infamous shower debate—facing away. 

On Instagram, the Live producers shared a clip from the segment on the show’s official account. At the start of the video, Consuelos poses the question to Ripa and the rest of the audience. “Let me ask you a question,” Consuelos turns to ask his fellow co-host. “Do you shower the normal way or the other way? Primarily facing the water or are you a back to the water?” 

While Ripa argues that this is a “foul question” to ask her, the Live host admits that she hasn’t been able to shower the normal way for 15 years (yes, you read that right) due to their shower head’s high water pressure. The mother of three begins, “I’m gonna speak to the ladies here. You don’t wanna get your hair wet because you're trying to extend your blowout.”

She continues, “That thing is the devil—I haven't showered a normal way in 15 years! I have to slide into the side—I slither in. So I come in, I face it, I turn around, I do my work, turn around.” With a smile, Consulos says to his wife, “You don’t like the rainmaker?” And to that, Ripa turns and looks at the audience members, who burst out laughing.

After Ripa confirms that she faces away from the water, Consuelos shares the same sentiment. “Me too,” he says and proceeds to give his wife a high-five. Then the Riverdale alum turns to the people sitting in the audience and jokingly says, “That means we are not sociopaths.”

Hmmm, very interesting. 

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