We’re Noticing a Fashion Trend on Kelly Ripa's IG (& It’s Taking Us Straight Back to the Grammys)

First, we saw the color pink dominate on the Oscars red carpet. Then, it took over this year's Grammys. And now, it looks like Kelly Ripa is joining in on the trend.

If you take a look at her Instagram page, you'll see that the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host's latest eye-catching ensembles are all pink—a color that we've only seen the star wear on a few occasions (including the infamous hoodie dress). And it all started with a post from last week, where she showcased her stunning hair transformation during a trip to Los Angeles.

In the snap, Ripa, who has her hair in voluminous blonde waves, is wearing what appears to be a patterned pink, red and black top. Then, just five days later, when the TV personality appeared on Generation Gap, she gave major Hollywood Barbie vibes with her bright fuchsia suit and with matching pink heels.

In the caption, Ripa teased, "Generation Gap, that’s a wrap. Thanks for the magic Hollywood. Premiers July 7 at 9pm EST!!! Don’t miss it."

In the comments section, one fan wrote, "Prettiest in pink." Another chimed in, "You should wear more of this color gorgeous!!"

It looks like Ripa took that advice to heart, because in a follow-up post, she shared a pic of herself wearing pink once again at the annual Gaynor Gala.

The actress, who attended the event with her husband and son, donned a silky light pink gown, featuring a black belt with hot pink ostrich feathers to make it pop. In the caption, she wrote, "I typically don’t post twice in one day, but this is a special occasion," adding a pink hearts emoji. Meanwhile, in the comments, one fan said, "Pink is your color Kel!" #Facts.

Fingers crossed we'll continue to see this color trend dominate her timeline for a little while longer.

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