Kelly Ripa’s New Profile Pic Is Her Dressed as Moira Rose in the ‘Schitt's Creek’ Finale

On today’s segment of cross-overs we never knew we needed but absolutely love, Kelly Ripa has taken on the role of one of our all-time favorite characters: Moira Rose. And honestly, she looks just like her.

In honor of their Live with Kelly and Ryan Halloween special, which airs Friday, October 30, Ripa and her co-host Ryan Seacrest have been teasing their costumes all week. The latest? The duo’s take on the beloved Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek. As we mentioned above, the 50-year-old actress dressed as the matriarch of the Rose family (Catherine O'Hara), while Seacrest opted to be the son, David (Dan Levy).

Lucky for us, the official Live Instagram account shared a sneak peek of the looks. In the first photo, we see the mother of three dressed in the ensemble worn in the series finale episode, where Moira officiates her son’s wedding. She dons long blonde hair, heavy eye makeup and a long gown with a matching hat and gloves. Not to mention, she has even perfected Moira’s stance. “Bébé! [one of the character’s favorite words] #MoiraRose #schittscreek,” part of the caption read.

In the second photograph, we see Seacrest wearing David’s famous all-black outfit with white sunglasses. “EW, DAVID,” the producers wrote alongside the post. “Don’t miss our new #LIVEHalloween show this Friday!”

Of course, fans were thrilled with Ripa’s version of Moira and quickly filled the comments sections showing their excitement. “I can't wait to watch this," one wrote, while another commented, "But can you talk like her? She's the best!” We were wondering the same thing.

And it seems like Ripa is also a major fan of her costume, considering she made the image the profile photo on her personal Instagram account.

Only two more days until we get to see these two in character.