Kelly Ripa Teases New ‘Live’ Workout Class ‘Dance with Deja’ (& Where Do We Sign Up?!)

It’s no secret that Kelly Ripa loves to dance (especially in the morning). So, when we heard that there was possibly going to be an in-studio workout class on Live with Kelly and Ryan we were very excited.

On Wednesday, the producers of the hit morning show shared their daily clip from the set on the series’s official Instagram. The footage featured announcer Deja Vu introducing the co-hosts while Ripa and Ryan Seacrest dance their way into their seats. “We’re live dancing with @dejavuspeaks!” the post’s caption read.

And while we’re used to the 50-year-old TV personality showing off her moves, this time, she revealed some new information that we, as well as her 45-year-old co-star, were not aware of. Turns out, Ripa and Deja have a possible in-studio class in the works. Yes, you read that correctly.

“I like this dress,” Seacrest said of the cream-colored puff-sleeve piece before Ripa added, “Thank you, it likes you. Did you know that Deja and I are starting our own in-studio workout class, ‘Dance with Deja?’” Sign us up.

While we’re pretty sure the All My Children alum wasn’t being serious, the exercise class is something we would totally support. We imagine a 10-minute segment on the show with the radio personality and the TV host leading the audience in a dance aerobic class. Of course, Seacrest would also serve as a background dancer trying to keep up.

For an idea of what that would look like, check out this video from yesterday which they posted to promote one of their giveaways.

Regardless of whether or not the workout class will ever come to fruition, we’re just happy to start off our days with some shimmies and twirls from Kelly and Deja.

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