Kelly Ripa Apparently Participates in the ‘Live’ Office Lotto Pool—& She Has Questions About Her Winnings

When it comes to the office, everyone loves getting involved in a good lotto pool now and again. Turns out, even Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest like to dip their toes in the Live with Kelly and Ryan office pool (sorry, we had to). 

On Tuesday, the producers of the morning show shared a behind-the-scenes video from the set. But rather than the usual clip of the 50-year-old TV personality and her 45-year-old co-host leaving their dressing rooms and making their way to the stage, the short footage featured the duo and staff discussing the details of the pool. “We’re live! There’s a lot of questions about the office lotto pool,” the caption read.

The video begins with Seacrest stating that although it exists, no one has ever “won anything.”However, one woman (who appears to run the program) quickly clarified things. “That’s not true, we have. I roll it into the next one,” she revealed to the group. 

“Oh, really?” Ripa responded. “So, you, unilaterally decide with our winnings to roll it into the next pot.” Hmmm, sounds interesting. 

By the looks of the comments, the Live staff members aren't the only ones who have issues with office lottos. One user wrote, “Looks like no one won the biggie amount,” while another chimed in, “It's a scam in every office..out of sight ..out of Lotto win.” 

Good luck, you two. We’re rooting for you this month. 

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