Kelly Ripa Offered a Rare Peek into Her Bedroom on Instagram (& It Has *Two* Chandeliers)

Kelly Ripa is giving fans a rare peek into her bedroom (and gym) and it's nothing short of glamorous.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host shared a few glimpses of her spacious room on her Instagram stories while opening up about her home workout routine. She started, "Welcome to the bedroom slash gym. That's right, I live here now! In the gym slash bedroom."

She continued, "I love my at-home workouts, right here on the computer, and I've been all about building strength with the arms, because I've not gone to a gym in eight months and I really miss it, and this helps me a lot."

kelly ripa bedroom 1
Kelly Ripa / Instagram

In the first part of the video, we see a close-up of Ripa who, not surprisingly, is sporting her new glasses. And behind her is her Pinterest-worthy bedroom, which features some seriously glamorous decor. It includes a cozy bed with white blankets, neutral-colored walls and shade table lamps. But what really stole the show were the stunning chandeliers.

kelly ripa bedroom 2
Kelly Ripa / Instagram

Hanging from the ceiling is not one, but two gorgeous light fixtures, which bring the entire room to a whole new level. After Ripa begins her workout, we can see both chandeliers, along with what appears to be a bed stool.

In a follow-up post, Ripa shared a snap of her weights and her laptop, which sits on another bed stool. Part of her reflection can also be seen in her full-length mirror.

kelly ripa bedroom 3
Kelly Ripa / Instagram

This isn't the first time the 50-year-old mom has offered fans a peek into her home. In November, Ripa showed off a bit of her wall decor, which features a few pieces of art. And In October, while posing with her puppy, Chewy, Ripa gave fans a tiny glimpse of her New York City bathroom, only revealing what appears to be a walk-in shower.

Keep these mini house tours coming, Kelly!

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