Katy Perry Met Orlando Bloom Thanks to a Stolen In-N-Out Burger

ICYMI: Katy Perry just announced that she’s expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom. So, how did the soon-to-be parents meet? You might be surprised to know their love story involves In-N-Out Burger. (Not kidding.)

On the season 17 premiere of American Idol, the 35-year-old singer revealed how she met the 43-year-old actor during one of the auditions. It all started when contestant Johanna Jones told the judges that she works at In-N-Out Burger, and Perry couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Can I tell you one thing that is kind of sweet? I met my boyfriend over In-N-Out,” she said, referring to Bloom, who hadn’t proposed yet.

The singer went on to explain how it all went down, adding, “We were at the Golden Globes and we weren’t together. So, I had my security guard grab ten In-N-Outs and all of a sudden, I see my boyfriend’s hand—he wasn’t even sitting at our table—he just swoops in and he grabs it and I was like, ‘Hey that’s my burger!’”

This isn’t the first time Perry talked about their meet-cute. In fact, the AI judge appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she discussed the In-N-Out fiasco.

She said, “‘Fine, take it.’ And then I saw him at a party, and I was like, ‘How are those onions resting on your molars?’”

True love at its finest.

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