Katy Perry Dresses Up as a Giant Bottle of Hand Sanitizer to Share One (OK, Two) Important Messages

Whether she's in an Easter Bunny costume rocking her baby bump or dressed up as full-fledged hamburger tottering her way past Anna Wintour at the Met Gala, there's no denying that Katy Perry loves herself a good costume. But most recently, the pop star has taken COVID-19 awareness to the next level by dressing up as a giant bottle of hand sanitizer.

In a short video posted to her Instagram account, Perry, donning her cartoonishly large ensemble says, "Oh, hey! Katy Perry here, reminding you to stay safe, wash your hands and tune-in to an all new—like never before—episode of American Idol tonight, on ABC 8/7 central." She then proceeds to waddle out of the kitchen and past her dog lounging on a bed that, frankly, looks fancier than our own. (What we would give to come back as a dog in Katy Perry's house...) 

And Perry is not wrong about any of that information—you should definitely be staying safe and washing your hands. But the "never before" episode of American Idol was in fact its first pandemic-era taping of the singing competition. The episode, which aired Sunday evening, consisted of contestants and judges—Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Perry—performing and/or providing commentary remotely.

And if you're wondering, yes, Perry wore the hand sanitizer costume the entire time.




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