You Can Now Shop Katy Perry's Hamburger Shoes from the Met Gala

katy perry and celine dion talking after the 2019 met gala

The outfits (read: costumes) worn to the Met Gala are rarely relatable, but there is one look from this year's event we actually can actually wear in real life. Shockingly, it comes from Katy Perry's hamburger ensemble.

Yep, you can buy her hamburger shoes. (We have yet to track down the arm-restricting Moschino burger itself in any stores.)

katy perry buger sneakers
courtesy of Katy Perry Collections

The burger-themed sneakers come from Perry's namesake shoe line and feature alternating red and yellow stripes (ketchup and mustard, we assume) and a flirty green lettuce-esque frill. The pair Perry wore to Met Gala were embellished with crystals all over, while the shoes on sale via her brand's website are a more day-friendly faux leather.

Rhinestone-encrusted or not, we can't imagine wearing these on a daily basis and not always craving some Shake Shack in response. On the other hand, daily burgers and fries doesn't sound too shabby...

Buy the shoes ($129)

Abby Hepworth


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